Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai
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Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai


Senior Transaction Associate


Transaction & External Relations


Ho Chi Minh City

Following the completion of a bachelor’s degree in business administration in the US, Mai returned to Vietnam and embarked on her professional journey in deals advisory after serendipitously reading PwC’s newly published market reports on the education and healthcare sectors in late 2017.

For four years, Mai worked as an M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) consultant, primarily involved in providing strategic advice and commercial due diligence. This experience honed her ability to identify opportunities and risks within the regional M&A landscape. Subsequently, she took on the role of a senior analyst at a prominent security firm in Vietnam. This position deepened her understanding of how economic outlooks impact diverse industries and business decisions.

Yet something was missing. Over time, Mai felt an inherent desire for a more direct involvement in the investment process itself. It was during this introspection that she recognized the need for a career transition, which eventually led her to venture into private equity at Mekong Capital.

At Mekong Capital, Mai engages in the full spectrum of the deal lifecycle from sourcing high-fit investment opportunities to performing appraisal and executing transactions. It is in this process that she connects with Co-Founders, listens to their stories, and becomes a witness to the birth of possibilities, as they explore partnerships and declare a shared commitment to achieve the company’s vision.

In the realm of deal-making at Mekong Capital, every day is a new adventure for Mai, brimming with new questions and new possibilities to create a direct, lasting impact.

And in the journey of continued self-discovery via an ontological approach, Mai unearths her purpose in making meaningful contributions through empowerment and facility enhancement to uplift the well-being of individuals in Vietnam.