Tran Le Bich Tram - Talent Acquisition Mekong Capital
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Tran Le Bich Tram


Senior Talent Acquisition Officer


Talent Acquisition


Ho Chi Minh City

Tram graduated from BI Norwegian Business School, holding a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Finance. After her graduation in 2017, she decided to move back to Ho Chi Minh City, where her heart beats vibrantly with the city’s ambiance. One of Tram’s first job interviews was with Mekong Capital. Unfortunately, she received the rejection. Time flew and Tram continued to pursue her career in the Retail industry as a Department Manager while wondering why she was not complete in her “so-called” dream job.

Tram decided to explore a bold career adventure outside of Retail by joining a newly entered recruitment agency in 2018. After a bitter-sweet journey spanning 4.5 years, Tram found fulfillment in being a genuine connector for her networks. She helped them find their desired employees or employers, enabling them to generate value while growing their careers.

In 2023, Tram joined Mekong Capital with a strong impression of the vivid corporate culture and vision. At the same time, Mekong enabled her to discover new things about her inner self to continue pursuing her pathway. On the journey of ongoing transformation with Mekong, her purpose in life is delivered in the role of Senior Talent Acquisition Officer: Tram is committed to a community where people are connected and up to forwarding their value towards their shared future.