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Pham Thai Thanh Ngoc


Digital Transformation & Marketing Manager


Functional - Digital Transformation & Analytics


Ho Chi minh city

Mekong Capital growth team Pham Thai Thanh Ngoc

From the early years of the 20th century, when Information Technology was a very hot major in Vietnam, Ngoc started the career path as a Software Development engineer. After graduated, she rapidly jumped into many software development projects in an outsourcing company. However, she was exhausted after working overtime weeks over weeks to meet the due date of delivery projects. She felt something very wrong and struggled to find her right career path with IT. But thanks to that working time when she got some projects for American clients, she had an excellent opportunity to explore Search Engine Optimization – one of the digital marketing channels popular in America but very new in Vietnam. From 2005, she opened the door to step out the IT and experience the latest Digital Marketing world.

Fast forward to the next ten years, Ngoc played a significant role in SEO in a performance marketing agency that offers high-end services for the US market and big clients in Vietnam. Besides SEO, Ngoc continued to explore other marketing channels to help her excellent digital marketing skills. From then, she found happiness in her new career path with marketing.

Then in 2018, deciding to jump out of her comfort zone of Marketing, Ngoc upgraded herself with the new role as Managing Director of two ventures of a Sweden Venture Builder company. Ngoc took all chances to learn all new knowledge like financing, sales, operations, HR, recruitment…etc. to help her run a business and elevate herself. During those two years of super hard & stressful working, Ngoc had valuable experience running a ‘real’ company (which was built from scratch in VN) and sharpened her digital marketing knowledge & practice.

In a short gap time, early 2021, Ngoc was invited for an open discussion about the job at Mekong Capital, and it was a natural match. She was deeply inspired by the way Mekong invests in their investee companies and how Mekong can add value to them. She was surprised that Mekong chooses to invest in the people FIRST, more than the technology, tools…etc.

Ngoc was excited to join Mekong with the big game to reinvent private equity, create new futures with Mekong, and fulfill each investee’s vision. With her experience of both agency & client sides, Ngoc sees herself adding value and being a coach-sultant for the investee companies to enhance their Digital Marketing capabilities.