Truong Thanh Tung - Head of Portfolio Analysis and Insights Mekong Capital Truong Thanh Tung - Head of Portfolio Analysis and Insights Mekong Capital
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Truong Thanh Tung


Head of Portfolio Analysis & Insights


Transaction & External Relations


Ho Chi Minh City

Truong Thanh Tung - Head of Portfolio Analysis and Insights Mekong Capital

From the young age of 16, Tung showed signs of autonomy, paving his path toward a fruitful future. Winning a scholarship to study in the Netherlands was his first accomplishment and an opportunity for him to open his mind to another culture outside of Vietnam. His prowess in numbers guided him to pursue International Business at one of the country’s top universities.

Post-graduation, Tung joined Ernst & Young (EY), one of the Big Four Accounting Firms. This was a strategic move, allowing him to leverage his numerical skills in a practical setting. His commitment to service was noteworthy, consistently delivering on his commitments. Despite handling multiple projects and stretching work hours, Tung’s dedication never wavered. He was an excellent employee. But Tung aspired to grow further.

His stint at EY laid the foundation for his leadership growth. Co-founding the Vietnam DFK Auditing Company and subsequently becoming the CFO of SPG Trading in Singapore were his first steps into leadership roles.

Throughout his career, Tung realized the essence of leadership was not just about leading but building effective partnerships. This realization inspired him to seek experiences with large corporations like VinGroup and Masan. As he led increasingly larger teams, he knew he needed to do more. The leadership he sought was not about the size of the teams or the companies, for him, it was about the meaning and possibilities of the strategic partnership.

For Tung, leadership was a mutual journey with stakeholders. This perspective led him to Mekong Capital, where he had the opportunity to grow, guide, and partner with the Boards of Mekong’s Investee Companies to help them achieve their visions. By aiding these companies in achieving their goals, Tung would also fulfill his own aspiration of becoming a successful leader and a strategic partner in his field.