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Executive Assistant


Ho Chi Minh city


Efficiency Management


To enhance efficiency in how our team members organize their calendars and spend their time to deliver results. The ultimate intention is for the team to deliver results with the least amount of time and effort while experiencing power, freedom, and peace of mind.

Key Accountabilities

Intention 1: The Calendar of Partners and Directors organized around achieving their quarterly results.
This includes:
  • Maintain and keep up-to-date a Trello board that shows all the principles of how the calendars of the Partner and Director are organized. Ensure the calendars of the Partner and Director follow and fully comply with those customized principles for each of them.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly conversations with Partner, Director to clear on their priorities and how that links to their accountabilities and to the company’s vision. Update those priorities into the Partner/Director priorities trello board. Ensure these Trello boards are always up to date.
  • Allocate the Partner/Director calendar mostly on fulfilling those weekly priorities. Measured by: his/her calendar has a minimum of 70% working time allocated to achieving those priorities.
  • Daily arrange the calendar with care and detail: includes but not limited to ensuring each occasion has a clear outcome, each occasion has the correct category color code, accept and decline meetings in the Partner/Director calendar based on their priorities each occasion invites the relevant person, teams links & meeting room are accepted, meeting duration is enough, no back-to-back meetings, travel time is optimized handle Partner/Director requests in coordinating meetings timely, etc. The calendar of the Partner/Director is well organized 1 month in advance and includes no overlapping occasions.
  • Any ad hoc last-minute changes on the calendar are timely handled with velocity.
  • Weekly check-in with Partner/Director on what work and not working in term of their calendar for future lessonsĀ learned.
Intention 2: Ensure the weekly reporting is done correctly
This includes:
  • Weekly calculate the number of hours that Partner/Director works on their priorities.
  • Weekly tracking meetings between Partner/Director with investees into the system.
Intention 3: Any other tasks assigned by the head of the Efficiency Management Team. This might include the accountabilities of an Executive Assistant.

Key Requirements

  • Have at least 5 years of working experience in Executive Assistant/Project Assistant to BODs/CEO positions at foreign companies, especially:
    • Master in using Microsoft Outlook Calendar
    • Strong at logistics arrangement, such as arranging and coordinating meetings/schedules/travels, coordinating across different departments, and managing many stakeholders
  • Effective communicator who communicates very concisely and clearly so that anyone can understand
  • Coachable, open-mindset, willing to learn, have the tendency to ask lots of questions to get clarity
  • High level of compliance, have an easy time to follow rules/principles, not bored with routine work, and comfortable with working at desks most of the time.