Portfolio Analysis and Insights Analyst
Mekong Capital

Portfolio Analysis and Insights Analyst


Ho Chi Minh City



The Why

  • Collect documents promptly to stay updated on investee activities and performance.
  • Review investee performance on monthly basis and compare to the budget, and inform management about any negative trends.
  • Ensure the quality of the Financial Model is in line with Mekong guidelines.
  • Conduct basic research and benchmark investees against top industry performers to identify areas for improvement.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Regularly request and input monthly reports and minutes from investees into the internal system.
  • Monthly High-Level Review of Investee Performance vs Budget, including: Analyze financial data, compare actual vs. budget, alert director or manager about downward trends, and provide detailed analysis for decision-making.
  • Review financial models for compliance with MKC guidelines, verify accuracy, consistency, and standards adherence.
  • Research investees’ performance, gather data on key indicators and compare against top industry performers.
  • Identify Improvement Opportunities in Investees’ Performance:
  • Analyze findings, identify improvement areas, look for efficiency, and profitability enhancements, and formulate actionable recommendations.
  • Execute other tasks assigned by task manager.

Key Requirements:

  • At least 3-5 years experience in Finance analyst positions (focused on FP&A; Management accounting experience)
  • Has robust knowledge and analytical skills in financial statements, accounting, tax compliance, and risk assessment. Possesses experience in auditing, valuation, corporate finance, or investment banking.
  • Capable of creating accurate financial models, conducting thorough financial & tax due diligence, and meeting high-performance standards.
  • Produces professional-standard presentations and error-free financial models, showing commitment and persistence in achieving goals.
  • Requires supervision by a senior professional for meetings and report completion.
  • Effectively understands assignment objectives and asks sufficient questions to complete tasks reliably.


Meet your team

Truong Thanh Tung

Head of Portfolio Analysis & Insights