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Gene Solutions

Making genetic testing affordable and accessible for millions of Vietnamese

10 years of researching Cancer Biology and Genetics in the U.S was eye-opening for Dr. Nguyen Hoai Nghia when he discovered the benefits and applications of genetic testing. With the intention to make genetic testing affordable and accessible to millions of Vietnamese, thus transforming their health, he returned to Vietnam to start his entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017, Dr. Nghia together co-founded Gene Solutions with Dr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen (Deputy CEO), and Dr. Giang Hoa (R&D) with background and solid experience in genetics, cancer biology, clinical medicine, and biotechnology.

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Dr. Nguyen Hoai Nghia, Dr. Giang Hoa, and Dr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen.

Vietnam’s market-leading genetic testing business

Three years later, this innovative competitive advantage combined with an elite team with rich industry experience and leadership has enabled Gene Solutions to emerge as the leading genetic testing firm offering comprehensive solutions such as reproductive health, in vitro fertilization (IVF), diagnostics, cancer, proactive health, and self-understanding (lifestyle).

Until April 2022, Gene Solutions has been conducting a total of more than 500,000+ tests, including:

  • 400,000+ tests for pregnant women;
  • 20,000+ diagnostic tests for pediatric patients;
  • 30,000+ tests for inherited cancer screening, and most recently;
  • 10,000+ tests of early cancer screening using the technology that can detect circulating tumor DNA – ctDNA in the bloodstream.

For its flagship reproductive health tests, the company accounts for more than 80% market share, helping thousands of pregnant women access genetic technology at ease and at a more reasonable price.

In 1Q23, Gene Solutions launched the most affordable Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (“NIPT”) product in Vietnam, triSureFirst, which is a blood test for pregnant women to screen the 3 most common abnormalities for the fetus: Down, Edwards, and Patau syndromes.

They also work with 2,000+ oncology hospitals, prestigious clinics, and 2,500+ partner doctors across Vietnam to provide holistic care before, during, and after the tests.

Dịch vụ Xét Nghiệm triSure Procare nipt của Gene Solutions - viện di truyền y học

Revolution in cancer screening and detection

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Looking forward, with the outstanding advantage of the advanced machine learning system and large genetic data, Gene Solution has invented a SPOT-MAS™ liquid biopsy technology to enhance the early-stage detection of many cancers as the next breakthrough pillar.

SPOT-MAS™ accurately detects abnormal genomic factors of multiple common types of cancer including liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer, stomach cancer.

With a higher performance rate of detecting rare circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and lower costs compared to market standards, SPOT-MAS™ initiates affordable liquid-biopsy Point-Of-Care (POC) for cancer management in developing countries where 75% of global cancer deaths, proved by researchers.

In 4Q22, Gene Solutions established offices in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines on track with the company’s strategic plan for SEA expansion.