The foundations of our corporate culture include the following:

Genesis - Choosing the view of life that we are the source of what we choose, what actions we take, what impact we have and how the world materializes around us. Being the cause rather than the effect.

Skydom – Freedom to choose, absence of force, and limitless possibility.

Jeromosity - Relating to other people as their commitments, intentions, possibilities and inherent goodness. Empowering others.

Springthrough - Inspiring ourselves and others to step out of comfort zones, play a bigger game, and break through to the highest levels.

Victorance - Fearless and relentless perseverance until the goal is achieved regardless of whatever obstacles seem to be in the way.

Beautegrity – Honoring our word1 so that everything works. Working together as a unified powerful force.

Communiplete – Communicating in a complete and direct way so that nothing is in the way, misunderstood or unhandled. Getting the other person and being gotten.

Inquisity – Athletic inquisitiveness. Relentlessly pursuing the root causes and key drivers. Pushing the boundaries in generating the bigger picture and game-changing insights.

1Honoring our word includes doing what we said we would do, doing what we know to do, doing what is expected of us by those with whom we wish to have a workable relationship at work, standing behind what we assert to be true, being and acting consistent with what we stand for, and honoring our Company’s Code of Ethics, legal and regulatory commitments