Pizza 4P’s is a famous restaurant chain known for its fresh homemade cheese and sustainably sourced local ingredients
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Pizza 4P’s

Smiles from the backyard pizza oven

Pizza 4P's oven

After his best friend unexpectedly committed suicide, Yosuke Masuko, underwent emotional battering and heartache and wanted to discover how to have lasting peace and happiness. Coincidently, through the journey of building a backyard pizza oven and hosting pizza parties, Masuko was fascinated by this simple yet flexible dish that seemed to hold the power to bring friends together for happy moments. 

After moving to Vietnam, Masuko left his job as a Country Director of a Venture Capital Fund and together with his wife, Sane Masuko, they set up Pizza 4P’s from scratch. The name Pizza 4P’s is a short version of “Pizzas for Peace.”

Pizza 4P’s operates with a Farm-to-Table concept: homemade cheese and local ingredients and vegetables are freshly produced in Dalat; pizzas are baked in a kitchen theater. 

More importantly, with the spirit of Omotenashi,  which means unconditionally incredible hospitality in Japanese and seeks to welcome guests from the heart, Pizza 4P’s has become famous not only for its high-quality menu but also for its excellent customer experience.

Facing challenge for growth

Starting from its original location was on Le Thanh Ton St. in Ho Chi Minh City, Pizza 4P’s has subsequently expanded to many restaurants Hanoi and Danang in 2019. 

However, with the commitment to a higher purpose of spreading smiles and creating opportunities for millions of people to experience inner peace, the founders faced many challenges to translate this vision into operational measures that would enable the company to grow its platform.

Pizza 4P's Bao Khanh, Ha Noi
Pizza 4P’s Bao Khanh, Ha Noi

Building a new chapter

Pizza 4P's training staff

Yosuke and Sanae Masuko spent considerable time fleshing out a set of core values and building a robust corporate culture, ensuring those principles were firmly embedded across the company’s 1,500 employees. In particular, one of Pizza 4P’s core values, Omotenashi, became a top priority to institutionalize with each new opening.

As part of this effort to continually improve customer satisfaction, Pizza 4P’s launched a project whereby each restaurant produced a daily summary report to capture customer feedback and complaints, which were swiftly reviewed.

To further strengthen their leadership both within the company and on the board, the founders also started recruiting new talent to the company’s management team to accelerate the pizza chain’s growth. They also invited an independent director, Bryan Pelz (previously the co-founder of VNG) to support Pizza 4P’s by accelerating its digital transformation process.

The Outlook

The company also launched its own delivery service as well as Market 4P’s. 

Recently, Pizza 4P’s has opened a zero-waste concept restaurant in Cambodia with a commitment to solidifying relationships with local recycling and composting companies to ensure that no waste generated on-site is sent to a landfill.

As of 30 June 2022, the main restaurant business has a total of 35 locations in Vietnam and Cambodia, targeting upper middle-income customers. The company operates a chain of 26 full-service restaurants under the brand name Pizza 4P’s, 2 food trucks called Truck 4P’s, 2 franchised Ippudo Ramen restaurants and 5 kitchen hubs for delivery. Pizza 4P’s has recently launched the delivery service via its website

The first Pizza 4P's restaurant in Cambodia
The first Pizza 4P’s restaurant in Cambodia

Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness

Pizza4P's Founders: Yosuke Masuko and his wife Sanae Masuko

Yosuke Masuko and Sane Masuko, founders of Pizza 4P’s

Looking forward, Pizza 4P’s will further scales within Vietnam and internationally while staying true to its mission of Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness.

“Pizza 4P’s strives to be more than just a restaurant. We aim to realize a world in which individuals gently respect each other and appreciate the earth, society and their own existence.

We want every person who steps into our world to be more excited, to feel happier. We hope that people realize their true inner peace and will overflow with compassion and happiness.”