Kim Trang grew up in the bustling Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam in a loving family of four people. As the first one in her extended family to attend university and pursue a corporate career, Trang felt she lacked a role model and mentorship from time to time and had struggled through many trial-and-error attempts to define her identity.

She took on her first journey to discover her true passion while she was studying at Bucknell University in the U.S. And her most memorable summer experience had been with Mekong Capital, where she was deeply intrigued by the company’s core values and investment philosophy.  

Upon graduating, Trang continued to explore the career path that would allow her to create the biggest impacts while connected with her personal purpose in life. She could not help recalling many uncomfortable moments in college when as a minority student in a white-dominated school, she felt inferior because of her origin. 

After a lot of self-reflection, she finally chose to let go of this disempowering point of view about herself and her heritage and put into words her pride and allegiance to the upliftment of her home country Vietnam. She discovered her passion to become a value-adding investor, a position that would put her at the nexus of capital, talent, and economic growth. In October 2019, she moved back to Ho Chi Minh City and officially joined Mekong Capital as an investment team member. 

Currently, Trang is on a never-ending transformation journey at Mekong Capital, where she discovers new insights about leadership and the authentic experience of the human being every day.

Trang envisions Vietnam to be transformed via a new kind of organization: purpose-driven, environmentally conscious, and on top of all, fully human. She sets her heart on inspiring her investee companies to embark on this journey and together enrich the lives of millions of Vietnamese.