As a Deal Leader, Nguyen Anh Quang is a member of the Board of Directors of Nhat Tin Logistics and responsible for long-term success of the investment in Nhat Tin Logistics. Quang is also a member of Mekong Capital's Investment Recommendation Committee.

Joining Mekong Capital in April 2016​, Quang played a significant role in the Traphaco exit, generating $64 million sale proceeds, a 6.3x gross return multiple for VAF. Quang was also responsible for several critical tasks in closing the investment in Pizza 4P's. During the post investment phase, in his capacity as Deal Leader, Quang caused Nhat Tin Logistics to successfully implement various elements from our Vision Driven Investing framework, such as creating a Vision, Core Values and Bonus System.

Prior to joining Mekong Capital, Quang was a Vice President at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London. He also served on Merrill Lynch Capital Market AG's Audit and Compliance Committee in Switzerland, overseeing $400mm trading assets. Prior to that, he worked in the Prime Brokerage and Equity team at Barclays Capital. Quang qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ACA, ICAEW) with KPMG London in 2011.