Ngo Minh Khue
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Ngo Minh Khue


Senior Sustainability Officer


Transaction & External Relations - Sustainability


Ho Chi Minh City

Minh Khue

“What can I do with a double major in Environmental Studies and Financial Economics degree?” Khue was in a dilemma of determining her future after her graduation.

As a 5-year old girl seeing her father working with vulnerable communities in Mekong Delta through educating them about combatting climate change and human rights, Khue was inspired to be the one who cure climate change and support marginalized communities.

However, growing up in Hanoi and going to top schools, Khue was influenced that pursuing a career in finance, business, engineering, data science is more desirable. Thus, Khue’s 5-year-old inspiration seems to be just an unrealistic dream. In addition, being a good student at math and science, Khue was encouraged to focus on studying in the “more desirable” field of business and finance. Khue accepted that, satisfied that she will doing something she is good at.

That acceptance didn’t last for long as doing something she is good at never fully satisfied her. The childhood dream still haunts her every time she was asked what she wants to do in the future. During her sophomore year in college, Khue wondered, can she have a career that can fulfill both the strength and her passionate, a career in impact investment?

Unfortunately, Khue didn’t believe that career exists, or at least available to her. She saved that career for 40-year-old Khue to deal with. Right now, the solution is to get on the fastest track to financial independence (before 40), using her strength in economics and finance.

For the next two years, she was determined to take all the opportunities to gain experience in the field of financial analysis, venture capital, and investment. It leads Khue to Mekong Capital, because the first thing Khue knew about Mekong Capital is its extensive track record in Private Equity. Khue believe that working in Mekong Capital will get her a lot of valuable experiences towards her financial independence goal.

After 2 months interning in the Investment team at Mekong Capital, Khue realized that there is something different. Beyond the number, leaders at Mekong Capital organize around the impact of their investment, creating positive changes to the people and environment, which deeply resonates with Khue. To Khue’s surprise, there is a Sustainability vision at Mekong and there is an open position in the Sustainability team. She proactively applied and stepped up to be the first ever full-time employee in the Sustainability Department.

As the Sustainability Officer, Khue implements Sustainability commitments of Mekong Capital through shifting the context of Environmental and Social (E&S), from a difficult-to-understand compliance check-list, to valuable beneficials that create a better world for future generations at investees companies.

Khue experiences a strong connection between her personal purpose and the company’s vision. It might sound a bit cliché but Khue wakes up every morning knowing that her childhood dream is materializing into real life – a career that creates positive impacts on the environment and surrounding communities – when Khue is only in her 20s.