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Nguyen Ha Phuong




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Ho Chi Minh City

Mekong Capital investment team Nguyen Ha Phuong

Phuong is the youngest child in a scholarly family. She was intensively stereotyped of her brother who was excellent of studying, awarded with numerous of local prizes and national awards on Mathematics and Academy competition.  

All of her childhood, Phuong had done a good job of following her brother and was being a good student in Mathematics zone. Until the day that she achieved all the prizes that she was wrapped herself into, she was thirsty to contribute and constitute a bigger impact to repay to the nation – where to raise her up. Polished herself in a different major and different career with her brother – a technical career in Auditing and Consulting at an International Consulting firm until 29 years old, her commitment is to bring a brighter future for the next generation. 

Joining Mekong Capital after years of technical execution and consultation, Phuong would like to step out of her comfort zone again and not to be perceived herself as a solely textured theorical person, shifting from observer into executor inside national economy flow.   

Phuong believed the workforce/human resources are the biggest obstacles of current Vietnamese business landscape, prohibiting its positive development. To resolve it, Phuong would like to contribute a small piece by directly involving in value creation for local Vietnamese companies. After raising local giant conglomerates, Phuong believes these companies will have the resources and abilities to bring more privilege to the nation at a whole, including uplifting the educational and life living for the new children, then fix her biggest concern of the current business scenery.