Nguyen Khanh Van - Principle - Investment team
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Nguyen Khanh Van






Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyen Khanh Van - Principle - Investment team

Van chooses for herself a hero name representing her characteristics and working style: A reliable lady.

Being a fellow member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of the UK, having intensive experience with Big 4 Auditing firm for 3 years and Mekong Capital for more than ten years, she is not only adding value to its investee companies, but also building Mekong Capital’s internal capability in financial modeling, accounting and finance due diligence, and valuation.

She confidently and eagerly contributes to Mekong Capital and all companies in our portfolio the positive energy, impact, and values. She is passionate about experiencing the breakthroughs and obstacles of our investee companies in the journey of realizing their big dreams.

In those 12 years, her moment of transformation was when she embraced her true feeling when Mekong Capital’s and my Vision in existence: being in a world full of possibilities for new actions for her future.

And now, she wakes up and goes to work every day being happy, being fulfilled with her personal vision in line with the company’s vision. She is playing a big game to partner with Mekong Capital’s investee companies in realizing their visions. She is the source of her fulfillment and happiness both at home and at work.

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