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Quach Thuy Duong


Talent Acquisition Coachsultant Manager


Functional - Talent Acquisition Coachsultant


Ho Chi Minh City

Mekong Capital TOS team Quach Thuy Duong

Thuy Duong grew up in an Asian culture where each girl would grow up and live by many prejudices: be nice, be obedient, do the right things, and should accomplish less than their male friendsGrowing with that ingrained in mind, Duong has always been a good student, a nice and easy-going girl. She subsequently went to England to pursue her bachelor’s degree at the University of Nottingham.

After her graduation, Duong came back to Vietnam not knowing where to start and which career would be in her best suit. She spent 5 years rotating in different jobs without having any significant accomplishments. She was lost. She did not know her identity and life purpose 

Duong later made up her mind to start as an Executive Search Consultant to find the answer to her intriguing question, “Why people become successful in their career and their life”.  Every day she had the chance to meet with all the top-calibrated candidates in the market to listen to their stories and their pathway to success. At one moment, she found out she loved to consult everyone she met on their career choice in the medium and long term so that no one would later be lost like her. Thus, she shifted her focus to people’s growth rather than transactional success.

Duong accepted the opportunity to be a Talent & Culture Coach-sultant at Mekong Capital in 2019. The new journey enabled Duong to find her purpose: to be the source that empowers people to unlock their full potential in life. And she is fulfilling it here with her involvement in building up the management team and transforming the companies’ corporate culture via Vision Driven InvestingShe goes to work every day with joy, freedom, and compassion for leadership transformation and culture breakthrough in organizations