Tran Phuong Nam - Senior Associate - Investment team
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Tran Phuong Nam - Senior Associate - Investment team

Nam was born and raised in Hanoi in a traditional military family. Growing up with discipline, hard work, integrity, and high expectations, he also felt compelled to excel and to succeed in the traditional society’s measures: money and status. So ever since high school & college, Nam has dreamed about working in finance, where he sees fancy suits, corner office, billion-dollar deals, and big paychecks, which were necessary for a ‘good life’.

After graduating from college, Nam got what he wanted by landing a Sales and Trading job at Financial Markets Division at Techcombank. The first two years were so exciting, as he thrived in the trading floor culture. He loved the markets’ speed and volatility, the adrenaline rush and excitement of closing large deals after deals as a salesperson.

However, as Nam progressed in his career, he realized what he enjoyed most about his job was building relationships with clients, listening for their goals and concerns, and then using his financial expertise to add value to their companies. Finally, in his last year at Techcombank, he was determined not to be confined only in banking and finance matters, but to be a valued partner in helping Vietnamese businesses to totally transform to succeed and have a much bigger impact in the communities.

As Nam was contemplating a career switch, he coincidentally saw Mekong Capital’s job posting that spoke straight to his heart’s desires: an opportunity to be in the world of breakthrough results, transforming people and businesses. He just knew it was right.

That was how Nam’s journey came to start with Mekong Capital’s Investment Team in 2021. It has been a journey of personal breakthroughs: from breaking down his past of self-imposed limits to Declaring and Choosing his own future filled with endless possibilities, where he can see himself achieving his personal Vision. Now Nam is fully committed to partner with the investee companies and empowering them to transform into World-Class organizations with the help of Vision Driven Investing.

Nam stands for a future where these organizations are the major engines for sustainable growth and wealth creation for Vietnamese. These companies’ successes will in turn enable their employees and families to fulfill their dreams and to have the power of choosing how they lead their lives.

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