4Q2019 Newsletter

4Q19 Newsletter
for the quarter ended December 31, 2019

4Q19 Newsletter
for the quarter ended December 31, 2019

Some of the data here are the latest available to Mekong Capital at the date of this newsletter to be circulated. It might subject to be changed/updated lately.

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Spotlights on Mekong Capital

Spotlights on Mekong Capital
Company trip in Bhutan 

In October, 30 members of Mekong Capital overcame physical pain, altitude sickness, the shivering cold to complete a two day Bumdra trek of nearly 20km reaching the top of the mountain at 3850m above sea level through to Tiger’s Nest Monastery in the Himalayas.

Company trip in Bhutan

Spotlights on Investee companies

Spotlights on Investee companies
18 new branches opened
in 4Q2019

F88 continued to accelerate its expansion speed in 4Q19 with total 18 new branches opened, raising total store number nationwide to 124 stores. At the same time, the company continued to promote its motorbike title loan and car title loans, boosting average lending balance growth by 13% compared with 3Q19.

Net revenue
increased 33% YOY in 4Q2019

During the quarter, Nhat Tin’s number of shipments increased 24%, which contributed to a YoY net revenue growth of 33%.

56.5% YOY Net Revenue growth in 4Q19

Net revenue at ABA grew 56.5% YOY in 4Q19. This growth is driven largely by ABA’s ability to meet the aggressive expansion plans of key customers with the cold storage facility in Ho Chi Minh City acquired by ABA in October 2018.

 56.5% YOY Net Revenue growth in 4Q19
Launched Health Insurance Program

In December, Pharmacity in cooperation with Bao Long Insurance Company launched Pharmacity Care – a pioneered health insurance program for its ExtraCare members. With more than 2 million people subscribed to ExtraCare membership, Pharmacity Care is expected to offer great benefits for its members and meet healthcare needs of all Pharmacity customers.

Launched Health Insurance Program
Net Revenue
increased by 37% YOY in 4Q2019

Vua Nem’s net revenue increased by 37% YoY in 4Q19. The strong growth was driven by the online-offline integration strategy and promotion programs that were a good fit with customer needs.

Being Peace & Happiness 

In November, Pizza 4P’s organized a retreat for its leadership team led by Dr. Tho Havinh, Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan. The management team of Pizza 4P’s discovered and experienced happiness and inner peace. To fulfill Pizza 4P’s vision of “Make the world smile for peace”, the team realizes that happiness and inner peace starts with them and who they are being.

Being Peace & Happiness
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