Mekong Capital launches US$112 million Mekong Enterprise Fund III

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Mekong Capital launches US$112 million Mekong Enterprise Fund III

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (16 May 2015) – Mekong Capital announced today the final closing of subscriptions for its fourth fund, the US$112 million Mekong Enterprise Fund III (“MEF III”).

The primary investment objective of MEF III is to achieve a high internal rate of return by investing in Vietnamese consumer-driven businesses such as retail, restaurants, consumer products, and consumer services. It may also invest in companies involved in the convergence between online and offline, especially in the retail space.

MEF III applies Mekong Capital’s well-proven approach towards adding value as a shareholder, which is based on the Vision Driven Investing framework and Mekong Capital’s extensive network of international experts and resources.

MEF III typically targets investments ranging from $6-15 million and can make both minority and buy-out investments.

MEF III has a 10-year life and expects to make a total of approximately 12 investments during the first 3 years of its operations.

With its team of more than 25 people in Vietnam, Mekong Capital commits substantial time and resources to add value to the companies in which its funds invest, and this has played an important role in the success of many of Mekong Capital’s past investments.

Mekong Capital’s current and past investee companies are typically among the fastest growing and market-leading companies in Vietnam – for example, companies including MobileWorld, Phu Nhuan Jewelry, Traphaco, Golden Gate, Masan Consumer, and ICP.

About Mekong Capital

Established in 2001, Mekong Capital is a Vietnam-focused Private Equity firm, Mekong Capital has the most extensive private equity track record in Vietnam.

The Mekong Capital’s funds have completed 29 private equity investments, of which 17 have been fully exited and 3 have been partially exited. Mekong Capital has managed 4 funds, one of which is currently making new investments.

Mekong Capital’s investee companies are typically among the fastest growing and market-leading companies in Vietnam’s consumer-driven sectors such as retail, restaurants, consumer products, and distribution, like MobileWorld, Golden Gate, Masan Consumer, Traphaco, Phu Nhuan Jewelry, ICP, etc.

Mekong Capital invests in fast-growing companies, with ambitious expansion plans, and a strong commitment to building management teams that will apply best practices and successfully execute those expansion plans. These companies are typically well-established companies in their sectors, but which typically operate in fragmented and fast-growing markets which present attractive growth opportunities.

Mekong Capital is strongly committed to adding significant value to each of its investee companies – through operational improvements, building management teams, the introduction of best practices and outside experts, and applying other elements of our Vision Driven Investing framework.

Mekong Capital has an experienced team of 25+ full-time people in our offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, who have an average tenure at Mekong Capital of more than 6 years. Mekong Capital’s two Partners, Chris Freund and Chad Ovel, both have around 19 years of experience in Vietnam, in private equity and CEO roles.

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