Mekong Enterprise Fund III (MEF III) was launched in May 2015 with US$112 million in committed capital, double its predecessor, Mekong Enterprise Fund II. MEF III was Mekong Capital's first fund to focus exclusively on Vietnamese consumer-driven sectors. 

Given the evolution of the Vision Driven Investing framework over time, MEF III investee companies generally implemented the Vision Driven Investing framework to a much greater degree than the typical investments in predecessor finds. Hence, there has already been a level of consistency in growth rates across the Fund's portfolio which is unprecedented in our previous funds. 

MEF III has made 9 investments, all of them are in retail, restaurants, consumer products, and service providers to retailers. Many of the companies have already grown substantially since the Fund's initial investment, for example: 

  • Pharmacity: From 45 stores to 500 stores 
  • F88: From 10 branches to 300 branches
  • ABA Cooltrans: From 35 refrigerated trucks to 300 trucks and 3 cold storage facilities
  • YOLA: From 3 centers to 17 centers