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Mekong Capital investment team Do Thi Huyen Trang

Huyen Trang grew up in Son La, a mountainous city in the northwest of Vietnam. Living her childhood in one of the used-to-be poorest towns in the country, Trang is a firm believer that health and education play an enormous impact on everyone’s life. They are indeed the keys that have helped her to open the door to a bigger world.

Trang’s belief was reinforced when she spent a year studying in the U.S at Colorado State University after her graduation from Foreign Trade University (Hanoi). She had a chance to explore the world with new perspectives that she had never thought of. From a little girl who viewed the world through a limited lens, Trang now sees herself so lucky to continuously have access to new opportunities, she is therefore strongly committed to a vision where Vietnamese women are free, compassionate, and have faith in themselves to be whoever they want to be.

Trang then came back to Vietnam and her next 3-year working experience has enabled her to acknowledge how talented and capable Vietnamese people are, and to drive herself towards a future where she can contribute her part to the development of her country.

It was a natural match for Trang to begin her new journey as an Investment Analyst at Mekong Capital, the Vietnam-focused Private Equity firm which specializes in consumer-driven businesses. Through her work with her team members at Mekong Capital, she feels her personal enthusiasm in life for health, education, and sustainable development is fulfilling. She is empowered to be free and to put herself as the cause in the matter so that she can be the source of what impact she wants to have on life.

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