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Mekong Capital investment team Hoang My Hanh

Strongly influenced by her mother since childhood, My Hanh embedded a certain image about who a Vietnamese woman should be and what she should do. She also felt an invisible pressure to become a good ‘girl’, meaning a good student at school and a good daughter at home like her two sisters.

Growing up, Hanh embarked on her journey of chasing her American dream. She finally achieved it by becoming a student in an all women-college in the United States, Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Economics and Mathematics. So far, she had successfully led the life that she had created for herself without knowing exactly the “why” behind it. She felt lost about who she was and what her commitments would be.

Not until Hanh came back to Vietnam and joined Mekong Capital in 2017 that she started the journey to discover her own identity and her life purpose. She actively involved in all stages of the investment process from sourcing deals, post-investment value creation as well as divestments. In this way, she had learned so much about herself, about the transformational world, leadership, and transformation that one year at Mekong Capital for her was like 10 years elsewhere. She saw herself as the source of transformation and breakthrough, thus she made her commitments to transform millions of Vietnamese people’s lives by transforming who they are as leaders and transforming the companies’ corporate culture via being Vision Driven Investing.

Ultimately, Hanh found her purposes in life: freedom (free to be and free to choose), compassion (for yourself and other human beings), and joy.

Currently, Hanh is a vision fulfiller, a transformational leader, and a women empowerment champion, disguised as a Private Equity investor.

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