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Huynh Ngoc Tuong Vy


T&C Coachsultant


Talent & Culture


Ho Chi Minh City

“Thank you for calling Manpower, this is Vy speaking, how may I help you?”

To be able to say this confidently without stuttering, without fear of picking up the telephone, her journey with Talent Acquisition all started with an exercise when she was a receptionist at Manpower 7 years ago.

Her former manager at Manpower, Eric, had received feedback from his regional manager that one of the staffs did not sound “good” when answering the phone. With his previous experiences in the military, Eric had requested Vy immediately to do an exercise where she would face a wall and shout this phrase on top of her lung for 30 times. Little did she know that exercise was going to change her life forever.

Of course, the first thought that came to her mind was how extremely awkward it was to do this exercise by herself in an empty interview room on a Monday afternoon.

How could this exercise possibly be benefiting for me? No one is present… Do I really have to it… What if it will work?” She thought to herself, going back and forth for a good 10 minutes through all the possibilities that her mind could predict at the time.

But she did it – as loud as she could, 30 times, just like Eric asked her to do. The next day, to her amazement, she was able to answer the phone smoothly.

Before this, Vy hadn’t always buy in the being of “unlearning” and “relearn”. If anything, doing things the way she knew was always the safest way, most comfortable way, her autopilot mode. This exercise had always been a life changing reminder of how Vy chose to let go of her inner voice and thoughts of how awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassing an experience might be as a gateway to learn and grow.

And later, through the exploration of failures: from failing her Calculus class, to failing a small business that she started up, she relates to failures as the best opportunities to grow. She truly believes that she is the results of her thoughts, her actions, and consequences. If Eric has not given her that exercise, if she had decided not to do it, she would not gain a relationship to failure and growth and be who she is today.

Joining Mekong Capital has given her an opportunity to be in a space of constantly unlearn to relearn, be out of her comfort zone and ultimately be the best version of Vy, the most colorful Vy, the most trustworthy partner with Mekong Capital’s investees in the journey of building the most capable HR and management team for our companies’ Vision.